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Honjo like gun gun Atal, a man of society, he lost its life from a hurry.

It is God to wait at the awakened destination. What God asks for throwing a stone in another world.
Atar who judged that it can fight like it like it asks for one weapon and ability.

What he sought was a weapon called a gun. And the ability to produce bullets suitable for it.
What God gave was the power of special eyes called demon eyes in addition to that.

Just just the ability to manufacture bullets. However, this was the ability with many possibilities.
Ataru warriors a different world with a love gun and its ability.

What logic tell me about this manga is:
A man called Honjo that was in a hurry die and is reincarnated into another world.
The god that reincarnate him ask him what kind of power he desire and he say that he want the ability of shoot using a rifle so the god give him not only a weapon mastery for that but the ability too to make them and any type of bullets and a special demon eye.



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