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Thank you so much.


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Alright then, I'll give Rough a try (I've only read the baseball ones)! I remember seeing an artwork some time ago of the main couple and thinking they were Hideo and Haruka, but that's Adachi for you.

I'm not that much active on Reddit, but send me a message so we can chat about those mangas. My username there is ThisIsTheKaiToshiki

2 hours ago Mix - Raw


I have vol. 04 and 05 How do I upload? in the website?????

12 hours ago Pansuto. - Raw


Haha, yes its highly unlikely that the coach would be shown or even mentioned in Mix. And yes, the anime is shaping up to be another classic (hopefully more people would watch it).

Also do give Rough and Katsu a read (Rough especially). The slice of life aspect (for which Adachi is famous for) is simply mesmarizing.

PS: are you active on other social media platforms (example Reddit)? It would be great to have thought provoking discussions with another one of Adachis fans (especially his skill to portray human interactions). Do let me know and do share your profile :)

2 days ago Mix - Raw


Likewise, Adachi is one of my favorite mangakas, although I've only read H2, Cross Game, Touch, Nine and now MIX (in that order). Touch isn't at my top but I do enjoy the references made in MIX. I really liked the coach Kashiwaba but I strongly doubt he will make an appearance or even be mentioned :P So, Tatsuya and/or Minami will do. Oh, and the anime is looking very good so far!

ps. Changed my nickname to the one I tend to use in boards. Kyosenbatsu was the one I got automatically when I registered haha.

2 days ago Mix - Raw


Thanks again :) It is great to come across another fan of Mix. This series is heavily underrated.


I am a big fan of Adachi Mitsuru (and am of the opinion that he is a genius manga artist). I especially am a big fan of Touch and it's great that Mix is a sequeal (semi) to Touch. I am waiting with bated breath for Tatsuya and Minami to be introduced in Mix (can't wait to know what these two together have been up to).

2 days ago Mix - Raw

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