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the romanji name of this work is "Rettougan no Tensei Majutsushi", please put it in the "other name" section... sometimes for search a work for see if it's translated is better use the romanji name


Summary of the story that I found in the net in a site:

"Humans and not humans live together in peace... and in this world live a normal human called Hirofuymi Tabata.
One day an angel named Suzuki Lena go to found him and say that she want to have sex with him... the reason? the demon king will be resurrected in the future and Tabata's son will be the hero that will fight it and defeat it..."


This comment is for give the description of the story

Safate is the second son of the Gurde noble family.
He hate the way his clan squeeze the money from the population and the way it waste it and when he went to oppose his familys way of act hes kicked out.
Although he lost his job at the Magic Academy and become a wanderer, he managed to live normally with his former elf collegue and a cat maid that worked for his family and that left her work for follow him...

This is a story that narrate his everyday life

The original japanese text took from :



The translated version of the japanese text made using google translation:

Safate who was the second son of the nobility and Gurde family.
He repelted the way of the clan squeezing gold from the ruling area due to the rough money use, continuing to keep in talking about the way he was squeezing money for the money, but he was dismissed and dismissed, I was kicked out.
Although I lost my job at Magic Gakuen and had become a wandering wandere without any doubt, I managed to live my daily life with former colleague elves and cats who were servants of former residences ... ...

This story is a story that spells out his everyday life

1 weeks ago Frontier Diary - Raw

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