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Does anyone know where the missing chapters can be read?

1 days ago Kasei Zombie - Raw


Шедевральная манга

5 days ago Grand Blue - Raw


Ok i had to make account just so i can write this. I know author will not be able to actually read tgis, but still.

Author, What the fuck? Have you ever played any game at all?

There are only two important roles in anygroup. Tank and Healer. you dont need anyone else in your group, but the moment you dont have one of these two you are finished. 

Yeah healer is obviously weakest. Its tanks job to make sure he wont be hurt, but on the other hand healer is the one who decides who lives or dies. 

I really hate these mangas that their basic points is absolutely counter intuitive to every single RPG ever.


Can you guys release starting from chapter 140?? I read up till that chapter from other translated websites but no luck after :(

2 weeks ago Ahiru no Sora - Raw

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